Mr. Bobby Tajan

Mr. Tajan & Mr. Calo

Personal Information

  • Started training in the Chuck Norris System in 1988.
  • Received First Black Belt in 1993 and started teaching the same year.
  • Currently holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt.
  • Former UFAF member #1116.
  • Master of 5 animal exercise styles. :)
  • Also teaches Bo Staff, Nunchaku and Escrima to his students.
  • Starred in short film "Enter the Tajan" available at the Norfolk studio (CD-ROM version only).
  • Is currently a motion picture fight choreographer and assistant producer on a current film project.
  • Influences include Robert Sapp, John Woo, Jackie Chan, and all of the old Chop Saki film makers.
  • Favorite martial arts films: Super Ninjas, Drunken Master 2, Once Upon A Time In China 2, Romeo Must Die, Fist Of Legend, Bloodsport, Karate Kid 2, Kickboxer, Ricky Ho, and The Matrix.
  • Favorite technique is the "U-punch."

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