Mr. Brion Calo

Mr. Calo with Miss Troiano
Mr. Tajan & Mr. Calo
Mr. Calo with Bo Staff

Personal Information

  • Started training in the Chuck Norris System at age 6 in 1981.
  • Has been actively teaching since 1991.
  • Currently holds the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt.
  • Is the Chief Instructor of the Norfolk studio.
  • Former UFAF member.
  • Demo Team leader at the Norfolk studio.
  • Also teaches Bo Staff, Nunchaku, and Escrima to his students.
  • Will use anything as a weapon.
  • Is a motion picture fight choreographer.
  • Does freelance acting for New Dominion Pictures in Suffolk, VA.
  • Interests include Art, Manga drawing, video games, & movies.
  • Influences include Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, George Carlin, & Eddie Murphy.
  • Avid fan of Hong Kong films and Anime.

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