Full Nelson Defense

Featuring: Kyle O'Donnell and Michaela Dewey

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Opponent grabs you under your arms and behind your neck in a full nelson.
Raise your arms straight up in the air.
Drop body weight down into a strong base as you break the opponent's grip with your elbows.
Lean forward between your own feet and secure one of your opponent's ankles. (If you cannot do this, strike the opponent in the head with an elbow strike or step away and execute a back kick.)
Thrust your seat back into your opponent as you pull up sharply on his/her ankle. Be sure to maintain a strong base.
Follow up with a back kick or a submission hold.

*Note - This may not work if your attacker has the fingers locked behind your neck. Before attempting the break, stomp down hard on the top of his/her foot to loosen the grip. For other options on how to break this hold, see a qualified self-defense instructor or pay us a visit.

Practice at your own risk!

* Any techniques demonstrated on this site are for information purposes only. Although these techniques may be effective in a real defensive situation, there are NO techniques that are foolproof. Neither Chuck Norris Karate Studios or the author of this site make any claim that these techniques will achieve any particular result. These techniques may not be suitable for persons not in good physical condition. Before engaging in this or any other exercise program, consult a physician.

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