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What to Expect in a Group Meeting

Attending your first group meeting can be intimidating. Remember, we are all addicts, and we’ve all been to a first meeting. Nobody is there to judge you. We are there to share about how addiction has affected our lives, and to support each-others’ recovery.

New members are assigned a “sponsor”, someone who has been in the program for awhile. Your sponsor is your lifeline, a person you can call if you’re tempted to use or having a hard day. Don’t hesitate to contact them! Helping other addicts is part of the 12-Step Process, so helping you is part of their recovery.

When you come to your first meeting, you will be asked to introduce yourself to the group. Using only your first name is perfectly acceptable, and there’s no need to make a long presentation. If you feel the need to tell us your life story, that’s fine, but a quick description of why you’re attending NA is enough.

There are two types of meetings in our center: discussion meetings and speaker meetings. During discussion meetings, we encourage all members to spend a few minutes sharing about how their addiction is affecting their lives.

This is everyone’s chance to share, so we encourage members to be mindful of others during these meetings and limit themselves to a few minutes’ time. That said, we are here to support each-others’ recovery.

If you’re having a rough week, this is the time to share with people who know what you’re going through. Speaker meetings allow one member to spend more time sharing with the group, usually for the majority of the meeting.

Regardless of the type of meeting we’re having, we do ask that our members listen respectfully while others are sharing. This means not interrupting them, and silencing our phones during the meeting. If you’re coming to us because of a court order, our facilitators can fill out any necessary forms after the meeting.

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