Orange Belt Test Requirements

Minimum Class Hours - 50-75

Karate - Empty Hand
Toe Bok - Uniform (also known as "Gi")
Jun Bi - Ready Stance
Charyut - Attention
Dora - Turn
Kyung Ne - Bow
Parro - Return to Ready Stance
Tang Soo Do - Art of the Knifehand
Dojang - Training Mat (also known as "Dojo")
Sah Bom - Instructor
Sah Bom Nim - Cheif Instructor
Dan - Black Belt
Gup - Rank less than Black Belt
Sho - Relax

Falls and Rolls

Hip Action
_Snapping Hip Action
_Full Hip Action

Punches and Hand Strikes
_Forward and Backward
_Juniors must know Stepping Side Punch and Spinning Bottomfist as well as all Open Hand Strikes

Elbow Strikes
_Adults move forward and backward _Cross
_High to the Rear
_Low to the Rear

Chops (Adults Only)
_Forward and Backward
_Inside Chop
_Downward Chop
_Knifehand Chop

_Back Stance, with a Reverse Punch, and with Hip Action
_Adults move forward and backward, Juniors block in place

Stepping Punches
_High Punch, Center Punch, Low Punch
_Jab, Reverse Punch
Adults Only:
_Stepping Side Punch
_Spinning Bottomfist

_Slide-Up Front Kick
_Stepping Front Kick
_Slide-Up Round Kick
_Spinning Round Kick
_Slide-Up Side Kick
_Spinning Side Kick
_Slide-Up Back Kick
_Spinning Back Kick (Adults Only)

Hand and Feet Combinations (Adults Only)
_(Slide-Up, Stepping, and Spinning Kicks)
_Front Kick, Jab, Reverse Punch
_Round Kick, Chop, Reverse Punch
_Side Kick, Back Knuckle, Reverse Punch
_Back Kick, Bottomfist, Reverse Punch

Self Defense
_Choke Hold
_Lapel Grab
_Rear Forearm Choke
_Choke Hold
_Bear Hug
_Full Nelson
_Side Grab

Kata (Adults Only)
_Basic Form #1 - Geicho Hyung Il Bu
_Basic Form #2 - Geicho Hyung Yi Bu (Adults Only)

Jump Kicks (Adults Only)
_Jumping Front Kick
_Flying Side Kick

One Steps
_Adults - 6 Right Hand Attacks
_Juniors - 3 Right Hand Attacks

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