1st Degree Black Belt Test Requirements

Minimum Class Hours - 75-100

Falls and Rolls

Punches and Hand Strikes
_Forward and Backward in combination with footwork

_Forward and Backward in combination with footwork

Elbow Strikes
_Forward and backward in combination with footwork

_Forward and Backward in combination with footwork

Advanced Blocks
_Forward and Backward in combination with footwork

Punches, Handstrikes, Chops, Elbows and Blocks
_Muliple Directions with footwork

Kicks (In combinations, all footwork)
_Crescent(Inside and Outside)

Form Combinations (Design Kata)
_Two Design Forms

Attacking Techniques (All Ranges)
_Hand Combinations
_Kicking Combinations
_Hand and Feet Combinations

One Steps
_2 Right Hand Attacks
_2 Left Hand Attacks

Three Steps
_Two Right and/or Left Hand Attacks

Self Defense
_Six Techniques
_Three Ground Defenses with submissions

Jump Kicks
_Jumping Front Kick
_Jump Spinning Round Kick
_Jump Spinning Side Kick
_Flying Side Kick (One Step)
_Jump Spinning Back Kick
_Jump Spinning Outside Crescent Kick
_Turning Inside Crescent Kick

_Basic Form #1 - Geicho Hyung Il Bu
_Basic Form #2 - Geicho Hyung Yi Bu
_Basic Form #2 Advanced - Geicho Hyung Yi Bu Sang Gup
_Basic Form #3 - Geicho Hyung Sahm Bu
_Intermediate Form #1 - Pyong An Cho Dan
_Intermediate Form #2 - Pyong An Yi Dan
_Intermediate Form #3 - Pyong An Sahm Dan
_Intermediate Form #4 - Pyong An Sa Dan
_Intermediate Form #5 - Pyong An Oh Dan
_Advanced Form #1 - Bassai

Free Fighting
_Variety of combiantions
_Counters with Hands and Feet
_Faking Techniques
_Sweeping Techniques
_Lateral Footwork

Free Grappling

Board Breaking

200 Word Written Essay on what it means to be a Black Belt

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