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Parent Tips: How To Cope With A Troubled Teen

No one ever gives an introduction into parenthood and claims that it is something easy. In fact, the first thing anyone ever says is that it will be rewarding but hard. The hard part can get even more difficult is you end up with a teenager who had behavioral issues or needs a lot of help.

You can feel overwhelmed or tired of fighting with them or trying to help them. Constantly fighting your teen and having them not care about how you are trying can take its toll on anyone. It’s okay to feel like you can’t do anything, it just isn’t okay to give up on your kid.

Teenagers are making that awkward transition from kid to adult, and you have to remember how hard that is from them. There are so many expectations from themselves, you, and their peers. It can feel like too much, and they may have trouble managing their emotions.

Few different ways can help you deal with this, and we will go over them now.

Love Them Unconditionally

It should go without saying that you should love your kid no matter what. They will push your buttons and test your limits and ignore boundaries. You can be stern and strict but make sure they know that you love them regardless of the struggles they are going through. If your teen is troubled, then they need your love and attention even more than they did when they were younger. They need to know you care so that they can learn to care for themselves.

Practice Self-Care

It is too easy to forget about yourself especially when you are trying to deal with teen issues and everything that comes along with it. If you don’t pay enough attention to your needs as well, this can just lead to more trouble. If you are stressed and your teen is stressed, then you will both end up lashing out, and it won’t end well.

Being angry will just spread that anger and solve nothing. Caring for yourself and managing emotions can help you care for that child you love so much.

Keep Calm

When you learn your kid is in a bad situation or has done something you told them not to do, you need to remain calm. Remember that you are the adult with a fully functioning brain and it is your job to act like it. Do not accuse or attack your child; this may only make them more upset and cause them to back away from you. Keeping calm is the best way to give child support recovery to your teen.

Listen To What They’re Saying

Put away all your assumptions and what you think you know and advice you want to impart to your teen and just listen. Believe it or not, this can really make a difference especially when it comes to them choosing to reach out to you when they are struggling.


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