Mr. Kenneth Balbuena

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Mr. Norris & Mr. Balbuena
Mr. Balbuena (Kicking)
Mr. Tajan & Mr. Balbuena

Personal Information

Started training in karate at age 8.

Currently holds the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt in UFAF.

Also works with the Bo Staff and Escrima..

Is an active member of the Norfolk Demo Team.

Hobbies include playing guitar, volleyball, writing poetry, Catholicism, and his girlfriend Kristy.

Role models include Dave Matthews, Eddie Van Halen, Mr. Warren Scott, Mr. Erin Wasson (RIP), Mr. John Parmele, & Jesus.

Personal message to students: "Keep training hard because the benefits of good martial arts training last forever."

Goals include finding a good writing job and getting married...oh, yeah, and to become a world renowned rock star!

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