Instructor Picture Gallery

We will be adding new pictures to this gallery in January, 2002.

Mr. Tajan & Mr. Calo

Mr. Tajan & Mr. Calo

Mr. Oliver & Mr. Coble

Mr. Coble & Mr. Dockendorf

Scott & Rob

Mr. Mitchell & Mr. Coble



Norris & Balbuena

Mr. Norris & Mr. Balbuena

Coble & Oliver

Mr. Coble & Mr. Oliver


Mr. Coble

Black Belts 1991

Instructors and Assistants

Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell

Mr. Oliver, Mr. St. Cyr, & Mr. Coble

Ashley & Stephanie

Ashley Troiano & Stephanie Snyder

Mr. Coble with his nephew, Jacob

Mr. Calo & Miss Troiano

Ocean View Demo

Ocean View Demo

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Recreational Pictures

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