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What is the Narcotics Anonymous Youth Center?

NA is a nonprofit organization of addicts supporting other addicts through their recovery. Our youth center focuses on teens and young adults, and connects recovering teens with peers who understand what they are going through.

Who can join the Narcotics Anonymous Youth Center?

NA’s only membership requirement is that our members have a desire to quit using drugs. That said, the NA Youth Center’s programs are designed for teens to share with their own peers. Addicts age 20 and older are welcome to attend NA’s standard, adult-oriented meetings.

What does it cost to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings?

Meetings our free, and all donations are voluntary. We are a nonprofit organization, and we cover the cost of meeting space through voluntary donations and the sales ofNA literature.

Who are Narcotics Anonymous Youth Center facilitators?

Our facilitators are adults who volunteer to moderate our group meetings. Their job is to ensure our meetings run smoothly, and make sure everyone gets a chance to share in discussion meetings. Our facilitators are background checked, and are active members of Narcotics Anonymous. We do ask that parents of NA teens not become facilitators, since teens are less willing to share if their parents are facilitating.

How can the Narcotics Anonymous Youth Center help?

In our group meetings, teens are able to share their own struggles, learn coping strategies from each-other, and find strength in a sense of community.

I don’t believe in God. Can I still participate in Narcotics Anonymous?

NA is a spiritual program, not a religious program. We only ask that our members acknowledge a higher power, something larger and more powerful than themselves.Your higher power can be love, humanity, science, philosophy, or even the NA community.

How can Narcotics Anonymous help me resist cravings?

In addition to following the 12-Step Program, all new members are assigned to a“sponsor”, an experienced peer who they can call at any time if they are struggling in the recovery. Being a sponsor is part of Step 12 of our program, so we encourage our members to reach out to their sponsors whenever they need to.