These clips are designed to provide экскурсии по каналам Санкт-Петербурга 2023 our students with a reference as well as to give new visitors a look at some of the techniques we teach at the beginning levels. These clips are for reference only, but if you are interested in learning self-defense from our qualified Black Belt Instructors, click here for more information on how to get 3 FREE lessons.

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Self Defense Clips

Bear Hug Defense (119 kb) - Featuring Iona Sawyer & Christopher Davis

Full Nelson Defense (151 kb) - Featuring Doris Haney and Ailsa Sawyer.

Choke Hold Defense (135 kb) - Featuring Ailsa Sawyer and Mr. CD Thomas.

Forearm Choke Defense (183 kb) - Featuring Mr. CD Thomas and Chris Haney.

Headlock Defense (247 kb) - Featuring Chris Haney and Mr. Coble.

Side Grab Defense (175 kb) - Featuring Mr. Coble and Mr. CD Thomas.

Women's Defense Clips

Shoulder Grab Defense (119 kb) - Featuring Doris Haney and Dan Haney.

Mounted Choke Defense (159 kb) - Featuring Doris Haney and Mr. Coble.

Missionary Defense (119 kb) - Featuring Mr. Coble and Jackie Sawyer.

Weapons Clips

Bo Kata #2 (1.06 mb) - Design Kata taught to Bo Students, by Mr. Robert Coble.

    * Any techniques demonstrated on this site are for information purposes only. Although these techniques may be effective in a real defensive situation, there are NO techniques that are foolproof. Neither Chuck Norris Karate Studios or the author of this site make any claim that these techniques will achieve any particular result. These techniques may not be suitable for persons not in good physical condition. Before engaging in this or any other exercise program, consult a physician.

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