Choke Hold Defense

Featuring: Mr. Coble and Megan Nides

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Attacker grabs you in a choke hold.
Take your left hand and secure your attackers wrist. Raise your right arm straight up and prepare to break the hold.
Twist your body sharply to the left and bring your right elbow over both of your attacker's forearms, trapping them and pulling them away from your neck. Be sure to keep your back up straight and bend at the knees.
Still holding the wrist, extend your right arm...
...and drive the tip of your elbow into the side of your attacker's face.
Step in to your opponent, lean forward, and sweep his leg.
Follow up with a strike or submission hold.

Practice at your own risk!

* Any techniques demonstrated on this site are for information purposes only. Although these techniques may be effective in a real defensive situation, there are NO techniques that are foolproof. Neither Chuck Norris Karate Studios or the author of this site make any claim that these techniques will achieve any particular result. These techniques may not be suitable for persons not in good physical condition. Before engaging in this or any other exercise program, consult a physician.

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