This gallery is to provide information on self-defense techniques specifically designed for women. These techniques are easy to learn and can be quite effective if executed properly. When practicing any self-defense techniques with a partner, safety should be your first concern. Be sure to exercise control, and remind your partner that they do not need to hold you tightly for practice purposes.


*This page will be updated after Christmas, 2001, and will contain new images.

Tips On Safety - The best defense is awareness.

Rear Shoulder Grab - You are approached form behind.

Mounted Choke - Your attacker is sitting on you choking you.

Missionary Position Defense - Your attacker is between your knees.

    Practice at your own risk!

    * Any techniques demonstrated on this site are for information purposes only. Although these techniques may be effective in a real defensive situation, there are NO techniques that are foolproof. Neither Chuck Norris Karate Studios or the author of this site make any claim that these techniques will achieve any particular result. These techniques may not be suitable for persons not in good physical condition. Before engaging in this or any other exercise program, consult a physician.

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