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Did You Hear About New “Flakka Zombie Drug”?

Did You Hear About New "Flakka Zombie Drug"?

Did You Hear About New “Flakka Zombie Drug”?

Flakka is a drug that is easily found on the internet and the streets. It is a hallucinogen that is humanmade and is also known as alpha PVP. It is definitely not the type of drug anyone should be messing around with even though people do.

The drug Flakka can be smoked, snorted, injected, or swallowed. It is also cheaper than many other drugs, probably because of how cheaply made and dangerous it is.

Understanding What Flakka Is

Flakka is also known as the gravel drug because it can come as little white rocks a bit like salt. The chemicals are actually pretty similar to the infamous bath salt drugs.

Known often as the zombie drug, Flakka is called so because it can cause nightmares like psychosis along with paranoia and delirium. These episodes can be very intense and very scary. It can even cause people to try to bite other people. People on Flakka usually have really bizarre and dangerous behavior.

Flakka is a synthetic stimulant drug and can cause serious addiction in people who abuse it. It is similar to crystal meth effects yet more extreme.

Understanding What Flakka Does

Since Flakka is a stimulant that means it affects dopamine in the brain. It can convince the brain to release a lot more dopamine than usual which causes intense and euphoric highs which is part of what makes it so addictive.

Some of the short term effects of using Flakka include:

–    Euphoric sensations.

–    Rapid heart rate and palpitations.

–    Increase in blood pressure.

–    Alertness.

–    Aggressive behavior

Like all other stimulants after a high people have a comedown. This means they feel really down and tired, usually heavy with depression and fatigue. This can lead to people using more of the drug, so they feel less of the comedown.

Once people start doing that their body builds a tolerance to the drug, so they need more of it to get high. That’s what leads to people taking more Flakka than their body can handle and leads to those psychotic episodes or even an overdose.

Long term effects of Flakka use can be even more frightening. Flakka can cause toxicity problems with the kidneys and end up causing renal failure. Since the drug is relatively new not enough research has been done to tell us all the extremely adverse effects on the body and brain over time.

Obviously, no drugs are ever safe to abuse, but Flakka is especially dangerous because it is so new and because it can do crazy things and make you act out violently and aggressively.

This drug is called the zombie drug for a reason, so don’t turn into one.

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